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Optimum Health Seminar

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Once a patient who had accumulated a great deal of wealth and who lost most of it due to illness told his doctor, “Health is Wealth.” It is true to say that even if we have a lot of comfort and many material benefits, if we loose our health, it’s as if we have nothing!


The director of Agape has this to say about his life, "While King David said, 'In sin and sickness did my mother conceive me.' I have to say, 'In sin and sickness did my mother concieve me'". Sumith Fernando is a man who has battled numerous challenges in physical and emotional health in this life. He is also one who can testify with ‘the blind man,’ “Once I was blind but now I see.”


Based upon the principles that God taught him as he traveled down many a ‘Valleys of ill-health’ our director has put together this informative and life changing ‘optimum health seminar.’ If followed as recommended, these truths will revolutionize the way you think and lead you in the path of healing and recovery. If you are interested in organizing an Optimum Health Seminar in your church or community feel free to contact the Agape Christain Counseling and Healing Center.